Our first contact with ISO 9001 Quality Standard is documented at 2001, when working for American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) – Classification Society. Since that time the system was growing, evolving and continuously changing and so were we. Over nearly Two decades we gain priceless experience with Rules, Guides, Quality Standards by dealing with Materials, Welding Components, Ships, Offshore Construction Systems and Wind Power Industry, all over the Europe.
Contacts that have remained with these producers are only a Premium Reward.

Materials, Welding and Components:

Production supervision and final acceptance of components, Non-destructive testing’s, Surveying of Welders, Welding Procedure Tests for various steel types, testing and Certification of materials, steel plates, forgings, castings, pressure vessels, anchors, chains and pumps, clutches, switchboards, electric motors, air coolers, fans, electric motors, Diesel Engines.

Offshore Constructions and Systems:

Supervision during whole production and final acceptance of complete systems (including Factory Acceptance Tests) for Hydrarackers, Smartrackers, Service and Access Baskets, Offshore Cranes, Overhead Cranes, BOP’s (Blow Out Preventers), Travelling Blocks, Active Heave Compensators, Draw-Works (primary hoisting machinery) Deep Water BOPs and Controls, Fingerboards, Bellyboards, Monkeyboards, Tubular Feeding Machines and much more. After all, to get better understanding of marine environment we were associated with the construction of Two Anchor Handling Tug / Supply vessels (AHTS) by Class supervision for complete Hull and completed machinery systems


Nowadays we are focused on implementing Quality Systems, Internal and Subcontractors Audits, Manufacturing Assessments, Third Party Audits as well as implementing Quality Plans for current and future projects, performs External Quality and HSE Assurance Audits on new and existing suppliers to ensure compliance to Regulatory and Corporate requirements. Supervises the Team of Expeditors , Inspectors from the technical point of view. Identifies areas of opportunity and support continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS). Presents Internal Audits findings at management review meetings (if applicable), Develops procedures, work instructions and test inspection plans for various functional areas.


Wind Energy sector and Green Energy are the future for all of us, therefore over the last Six months we were associated in supervision over the fabrication of hundreds of Transition Pieces, Jacket Foundations and Monopiles with the largest and the newest factory in Poland. We gained needed experience to be fair loyal Partner.
This is the course that has been chosen for the bright future for all of us.